PHix It Down Balancing Powder for Swimming Pools

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Advance Solutions pHix It Down

What is pH?

  • pH is the scale that measures the balance of acids and bases present in your pool water.

What is the correct range of pH for my pool water?

  • The correct pH for pool water is between 7.2 and 7.6 on the pH scale.

What happens if my pH is too high?

  • High pH will cause cloudy water, shorten filter cycles and decrease the efficiency of your chlorine

What can cause my pH to go up?

  • Liquid shock, Calcium based chlorine and the presence of live algae will all raise the pH of pool water.

How do I lower my pH?

  • To lower your pH you would add pHix It Down.

What happens if my pH is too low?

  • Low pH causes water to become corrosive, causes eye irritation, lowers total alkalinity and causes rapid chlorine loss.

What can cause my pH to go down?

  • Acid rain as well as slow dissolving chlorine are the most common causes of low pH.

How do I raise my pH?

  • To raise your pH you would add pHix It Up.

Advanced Solutions are scientifically engineered chemicals designed to correct pool water chemistry imbalances quickly and easily. All Advanced Solutions are color coded to take the guesswork out of pool maintenance. Also, Advanced Solutions have built in pH buffers.

Whether you are an experienced pool owner, or a first-time owner, Advanced Solutions TM make correcting water problems easy and save you money by combining the chemicals necessary for a trouble free pool.

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