​The Best "Super Pump" Replacement

​The Best "Super Pump" Replacement

 Are you looking to replace your worn out Super Pump but can’t seem to find one anywhere? You are not alone. Since Hayward stopped making their 1.5hp Super Pump pool owners have been scrambling to find a replacement. 


Replacing your 1.5hp Super Pump is easier than you think. In fact there are 3 seamless “drop in’s” available for you. What’s a ‘drop in”? A drop in is a pump that connects to your existing plumbing WITHOUT ANY CHANGES. You simply disconnect the fittings connecting your old Super Pump to your plumbing and lift it out. Connect the same fittings to the new pump and ‘DROP IT IN’ place. Tighten the fittings and you’re done. No cutting of pipes, no rearranging your equipment, the new pump just drops in place. Nothing could be easier


There are a few that will match up perfectly. The most well-known among Hayward owners is the Blue Torrent 1.5 hp Typhoon. It matches up perfectly. The Exhaust port matches perfectly with the Super Pumps. The intake port matches perfectly with the Super Pump as does the electric connection. Its Dual voltage (110x/220V) just like the Super Pump and it has 100% all copper windings just like the Super Pump. What it doesn’t have is the Super Pump price tag. Instead of prices over $750 the 1.5 hp Typhoon is a steal at only $399. If you want your Super Pump drop in to pay for itself then the Blue Torrent Variable Speed is the drop in for you. It can reduce your pools electric consumption up to 80% and with the average savings the Blue Torrent Variable Speed can almost pay for itself in the very first summer.


Still not convinced? This drop in installation is so easy that WE WILL DO IT FOR YOU. You don’t have to do it yourself and you don’t need to pay your pool guy a fortune either. Purchase your Drop in Pump anytime in the next 2 weeks and we will even INSTALL IT FOR FREE. Now nothing REALLY could be easier.

Super Pump is a registered trademark of Hayward

Mar 3rd 2024 Pete K

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